Bali Hati continues to seek funding for current and new projects. Although Bali often appears to be prosperous, the vast majority of families live at poverty levels.  Many Balinese cannot afford  the simplest health needs.  Schools are poorly equipped and buildings are often dangerous. Children are kept from school because parents cannot buy uniforms or textbooks. Even exceptionally bright and capable young people are left behind for lack of funds to pay for higher education. 

Bali Hati Elementary School is seeking donations to carry it through the next four years when it is anticipated it will become self-sustaining. 

Bali Hati needs additional equipment for computer classes as well as volunteers who are able to help maintain equipment. 

The mobile clinic needs donations of USD 22.500 to continue its work.  This humanitarian activity helps many destitute villagers throughout Bali.

There is ongoing need of additional scholarship funding so that children and young adults are given an opportunity to obtain a quality education.

Volunteers who have English as a first language are needed as guest speakers in English courses and at Taman Hati Elementary School. It is important for students to hear English spoken by a native.  

Contributions to Bali Hati of any amount are put to good use and deeply appreciated.  If you are able to help, you are invited to select a particular project to support, or simply donate to the Bali Hati Foundation and staff will allocate your donation where it is most needed.  You can be confident that donations will fund an important project. 

Bank Accounts:

DOLLAR ACCOUNT                                                 
Yayasan Bali Hati
Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Capen, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
ACCOUNT #: 135-0-195048

Yayasan Bali Hati
Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Capen, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
ACCOUNT #: 135-0-195030




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