The mission of the Bali Hati Foundation is to provide services that will long-term improve the lives of needy Balinese children and adults.

Established in 1997, Bali Hati is a non-profit foundation that sponsors projects for the underprivileged in Balinese communities.  Bali Hati places special emphasis on education and health.

The continuation of Bali Hati’s projects is primarily dependent on the generosity of donors.

In August 2005, the government of Bali conducted a search for the most outstanding non-profit foundation in all of Bali.  Bali Hati was selected as the BEST in the regency of Gianyar and then went forward to compete against the other seven regencies on the island. Bali Hati was selected the BEST in Bali. Then, from each of 33 provinces in Indonesia, the top foundations were invited to compete in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.  Bali Hati was named the Number One Foundation in Indonesia.

A Special Note About Spa Hati

The Spa is a for-profit business operated expressly to generate income for Bali Hati programs. For the past several years, Spa Hati’s income has helped support Taman Hati Elementary School. 




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